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the sport of baking…(a OSU cake)

Last week I made a cake for my friend’s husband’s birthday. She gave me some ideas, and let me have artistic freedom to do what I wanted.

I knew I wanted to create something unique while incorporating his favorite college football team (OSU) and his love of golf. Let me just say, that I am not a sport enthusiast. I do not own sport paraphernalia of any kind (ok I lie, I do have a pair of slippers sporting the OU logo somewhere under my bed). Having grown up in a state with no professional or college teams, I don’t really understand why people get as into the game as they do,(on game day here, I see people dressed from head to toe in “their” teams colors) but to each there own.

I researched cake ideas, and was just not finding what I was looking for. I decided to make a cake themed after Pistol Pete the OSU mascot. I thought this would be a great opportunity to practice making rice crispy treat models.

The two big rival color choices in college teams out here are crimson or orange. And everyone takes their color of choice very seriously.

The cake came out great, and the reaction even better.

The one thing I did not tell anyone, I had to add crimson,to get the orange just right. 🙂


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